Seafood Leadership Luncheon: Barcelona 2022
Alexandre Hotel Fira Congress, Barcelona
27 April 2022




Where to Next? The Future of seafood


Join IntraFish lunch-on in Barcelona, in conjunction with Seafood Global Expo, on 27 April 2022 as we bring together a panel of experts and elite executives from around the industry as they discuss what the industry will look like in a post-COVID world.


Our expert panel will explore the future of the sector, including discussions of:


  • New technologies, automation and reshoring. Where will seafood be processed and by whom? How will technological advances change how seafood is traded?
  • Seafood supply. With wild catch at its limit and aquaculture's growth constrained, what changes should the industry promote to increase supply?
  • Seafood consumption. How can the industry maintain gains made during the pandemic? How can seafood improve branding and marketing?
  • Alternative seafood. Will cell and plant-based seafood play a significant role in the industry's future?
  • ESG and sustainability. What does the industry most need to address?
  • Climate change. How will seafood companies be impacted, and what should be done now?
  • Consolidation. What does tomorrow's seafood company look like?






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