Seafood Shipping and Logistics Forum
17 February 2022
10:00am ET (US)  l  3:00pm GMT (London) l 4:00pm CET (Most of Europe)




Opportunities amidst the challenges of the supply chain disruption


The supply chain disruptions that have plagued the industry are poised to continue in 2022.

Join IntraFish and our panel of shipping and seafood industry experts as we discuss the challenges and opportunities in getting product from here to there in this unprecedented times.

Our event will explore:

-The impact of the shipping crisis on the seafood trade flow
-Shipping cost development in the coming year
-How logistics disruptions may accelerate automation and lead to "reshored" processing
-The impact of logistics challenges on key species such as shrimp and whitefish
-The impact of port disruptions in key areas such as China and the US
-How the continuing coronavirus crisis may impact seafood shipping
-How the increased focus on carbon emissions may impact how seafood moves, from air to sea