IntraFish Digital Event Series

Salmon Forum 2021

9 September

10:00am ET (East Coast, US) l 4:00pm CEST (Most of Europe) l 10:00pm SGT (Singapore)



Salmon Forum 2021: A Bold New Future

Over the last few years salmon has risen to be the leading species for world-wide aquaculture. Although the road hasn’t always been smooth, the increasing demand for sustainable protein, the huge appetite for investment and the continuing search for new innovations continue to make the species a hot topic for discussion and debate. While salmon is certain to play a critical and leading role in the supply of farmed seafood, how and where it will be produced is still very much up for debate; the future is certainly bright, if somewhat uncertain.

Join us on the 9th September as we hear from leaders from across industry discussing what that future may look like and what the industry needs to do to sustain investor and consumer confidence.

We will host two exciting panels of experts to discuss and share insights on:

Panel 1: Lessons Learned: Leaders look back on the industry

Panel 2: The salmon farmer of tomorrow