IntraFish Leadership Series: Salmon 2020

23 September, 2020
11:00am -12:30pm EDT  /  4:00pm - 5:30pm BST 



IntraFish and Innovasea present

Salmon: Growth, Innovation and Investment in the world's most profitable aquaculture sector

Our next installment of the IntraFish Leadership Series will focus on the anticipated moves for the global salmon market on September 23. Join us as we hear from key players within the seafood, fisheries and aquaculture sectors who will discuss challenges and opportunities within the market. 

Salmon farming has risen to be the most innovative, profitable and successful aquaculture species. Though the industry has faced its fair share of challenges, nothing has stood in the way of its continued consumption growth, or the value of the companies producing the species.

With a changing consumer landscape, increased pressure on sustainability, limited opportunities for growth in conventional salmon farming and challenges with fish health, the industry is at a crossroads: the future looks bright, but where should salmon farmers focus their attention.

This digital event brings together top leaders in the salmon farming sector to explore these issues in depth including:

  • What are the most disruptive shifts currently impacting the sector?
  • Land-based, offshore, sub-sea, net pen: which technology will rise about the others?
  • What technologies hold the most promise for increasing efficiency?
  • What key advances are making progress on fish health, biology and genetics?

  • What markets hold the most promise for the sector?

  • Where is consolidation most likely to occur?

  • What other species might salmon farmers look to expand into?

  • What does the salmon farming company of the future look like? Part of agri-business conglomerates? Vertically integrated giants?

In addition to our exclusive event, IntraFish will also be announcing its 2020 Person of the year.



Latest Confirmed Speakers


Aquaculture Scientist
Global Head Seafood, Ocean Industries
DNB Bank
Managing Director
Atlantic Sapphire